The Leading ICT Trade Fair in the Middle-East

21-24 July 2017 with over 1000 exhibitors - Tehran, Iran

About ELECOMP 2017

Since 1995, ELECOMP has been the Iran’s leading ICT trade show and developing into a regional information and communication technology platform. While evolving in sync with global ICT industry trend, ELECOMP 2017 positions itself as Technology Entrepreneurship Ecosystems Ena- bler, focusing on 6 main themes: AI & Robotics, Internet of Things, e-Government, innovations & startups, business solutions, and gaming, with 5 featured exhibiting halls: ElecomStars, Ele- comGames, e-Gov, 5G, SmartCities.


Tehran International Permanent Fair Ground


Friday To Monday
July 21 to 24, 2017

The New Era of Information Technology Industry of Iran

Iran is a country of 80 million people — amajority of whom are under 30 and highly educated — which has the second-largest gas reserves and fourth-largest oil reserves in the world.

Iran is a unique proposition, a relatively mature economy with good infrastructure, improving economic fundamentals and stable political conditions which make Iran the best emerging market for years to come and ELECOMP is the place to be to connect with Iranian businesses, entrepreneurs, government agencies, and the people.

We have top executives, companies & startups here

Drawing thousands of the Iran's technology leaders together to learn and do business, makes ELECOMP a great opportunity to:

- Gather market information & Identify the market potential for your products and services
- Directly target and attract the exact audience that you want to reach
- Establish new distribution channels and recruit agents and distributors
- Launch new products
- Generate sales leads
- Meet with suppliers and buyers

ELECOMP 2017 will kick off in



Is The Leading ICT Trade Fair in the Middle-East, 21-24 July 2017 with over 1000 exhibitors - Tehran, Iran

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